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Author: Paul R. Child

Additional Contributions: Nicholas Tyler 

Research: Paul Child & Nicholas Tyler, with Peter Robins

ISBN13: 9780954949440

May, 1940. Technically, Britain had been at war for nine months, and now stood alone in Europe.

In the nation's hour of need, newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspirationally turned to an alternative form of combat, to which was attached the name “Irregular Warfare”. Amongst the pioneers of this unusual (and deemed by some, controversial) type of warfare were two men who, in 1940, stepped onto the quayside of the Liverpool docks having arrived from Shanghai. These men were William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes.

These two "retired" ex Police Officers knew that in order to help instil the resolve and spirit to win, they would have to teach men and women to fight for their lives in a manner that would be entirely at odds with the usual British sense of "fair play". A way of fighting with No Queensbury Rules!

NQR was meticulously researched, drawing information and contributions from a wide range of reputable sources, including;

Official military reports and publications, publicly available collections (UK, USA and Canadian official archives, University collections), and many military veterans (from corporals to Colonels of UK and overseas forces, several of whom were decorated), works by other authors, official news reporting sources, and from close relatives of both Fairbairn and Sykes....and the list goes on!

NQR is lavishly illustrated (with colour and b&w photographs and drawings) again from a wide range of sources, with some of the photographs having never been publicly available before. 

Following on from where "Gentleman & Warrior" closed, "No Queensbury Rules" covers the next phase in the lives of Fairbairn and Sykes, which coincided with one of the most traumatic eras in Britain's history. Their contribution was not well known at the time, and whilst perhaps small in the scheme of things, their legacy has passed on through the decades since.

NQR takes you to where it all began.


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416pp including colour photo plates and note pages 


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