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About us

CQB Publications (UK) Limited was formed in 2005 by Paul Child, originally to publish the work of the late Peter Robins, who unexpectedly passed away before completing his long awaited biography on W.E.Fairbairn. 

As Peter's friend and colleague in preserving and teaching Fairbairn's Defendu (and his and other WW2) methods, Paul has held a near life long passion for Martial Arts/Combatives, Military History, Intelligence, Policing, and Security related subjects. This interest (and his own research in various areas) eventually led him to make the decision to expand CQB Publications.

The aim is to make available good quality, informative books (including those from other authors and other publishing companies).

We will also soon be making services available for potential authors who have manuscripts covering our areas of interest. We will make announcements regarding this soon via our blog page, so please keep checking!

For Martial Arts/Combatives Instructors and Students alike, we stock a range of SHARKEE Training Knives. Strong, practical and with no sharp edges or points they are a superb training aid. See our SHARKEE page for the range.

Please note our terms and conditions are included in the checkout section of this website.

We will be adding other products, so be sure to come back and visit our store regularly.

If you have a query, please email us through this website on the "Contact" page