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No Queensbury Rules: Fairbairn & Sykes - CQB Publications
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Insights into the organisation, equipment, men, machines, technology and tactics of the RAF's bomber offensive 1939 - 1945

Night and day in the Second World War RAF Bomber Command pounded away at the infrastructure of Germany to bring the Reich to its knees.

Author Jonathan Falconer describes the Command’s complex organisation and the science, technology and engineering behind every raid: how were bomber airfields built? How were bomber crews trained? What aircraft did they fly and what weapons did they use? How was the Command organised? Who decided what to bomb? How was a raid planned, executed, and its effectiveness analysed? How were the 47,000 'missing' aircrew traced? How were damaged bombers repaired?

Author: Jonathan Falconer is the author of more than 35 books and has published widely on the history of the RAF and Bomber Command including the Haynes de Havilland Mosquito Manual (with Brian Rivas), Short Stirling Manual, Handley Page Halifax Manual and RAF 100: The Royal Air Force in 100 Technical Innovations. He lives in Wiltshire.

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