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First post!

Paul Child

Welcome to the new CQB Publications' online store, which we hope will make things easier for you to browse and buy from us, whether using your desktop, tablet or mobile.

We also felt this was a good time to point out something relating to a couple of our books.

Both "Gentleman & Warrior" and "American Arwrology"  are available elsewhere, but we would issue a polite warning in order to help you get a fair deal.

We suggest you check the pricing when you purchase through Amazon (and other sites such as ABE Books, E-Bay,  etcetera) as there are a few unscrupulous traders trying to sell these books (new and used) at massively inflated prices. These sellers are nothing to do with CQB Publications, and are simply out to part you from your hard earned cash unnecessarily.

Ordering directly from CQB Publications is currently the best way to buy. Amazon do sell "American Arwrology", but please check that pricing first. The RRP is £13, $20 or €18 in your respective regions.

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